weekend project

Pay day finally arrived and I ran out for some fabric to make the cut chenille blanket.  I started on Saturday and finished on Sunday.  I couldn't rest until it was done.  I love my new blanket and, just as I thought, I want to make more in every color of the rainbow.  I just love the texture.  The fabric I chose wouldn't have been my first choice, but I still love how it turned out.  It's this orange and yellow ikat pattern.  And for the three layers of cotton flannel, I chose a pale yellow, a gray, and a peach and white polka dot flannel.  

I had some helpers, too.  Colse wanted to help cut the cotton flannel layers and Griff wanted to push the foot pedal under my sewing table.  A lot of  "go". . . "stop!". . . "go". . . "stop!"  Eventually I kicked him out and took over.   ; )    

I have to say, I started the cutting process with fabric scissors and felt like I might go crazy.  I looked in my sewing box and found this tool that I didn't even know I had (the one Colson is using in the picture above).  I don't think I had ever used it before, but it saved my life!  Sooooooo much easier.  Sewing the lines took somewhere around 5 hours, and the cutting (with the tool) took about 45 minutes.  Phew!  I don't think I could have handled another five hours of cutting!  I have the Clover Slash Rotary Cutter.  Trust me, you'll want something like this if you make this blanket.  The tutorial I followed suggested a chenille cutter.  I've never used one of those but I'm sure they're similar.  

 Almost done, just need to wash it:

And the finished product.  So snuggly.  The kids watched their cartoon all cuddled under it this morning.  Can't wait for the next one.  

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