School's out for the summer!!!

The last day of school is here!!!! It has flown by and it was a good year compared to most, but we are SO EXCITED for sleeping in, lazy days, lounging at the pool, day trips, library reading club (and all the fun coupons that it comes with), crafts, and all the extra family and friend time!! Now, I don't know about your kiddos, but that first week home for us in the past has been a brutal adjustment (probably more for me than them;) Don't get me wrong, I really do LOVE summer break and having my kids home, but at the beginning I forget how to do anything with everyone home and I get a little "off", and the kids seem to just follow suit. By the following week, after we've made big plans, gone over  a schedule of some sort and we are "adjusted" all is well. (Below is a "schedule" that I used last year as a guide to help us when we are at home on the down days- I did this per Sav's request. She is a schedule freak!)

But...we discovered that if we go on a little family trip or adventure the minute school gets out (if we can swing it) that it tends to set a good tone in our family from the get go, as we make fun memories and the kids get along better when we get back (I mean who wouldn't when you're having fun with your undistracted parents, grandparents who give you undivided attention, have no obligations, and are away from the daily grind and doing fun activities-right?!) So with that said, we are hitting the road at 7am tomorrow morning and headed to Florida for our annual grandparent visit!!! This will be our 5th summer going and the last two times we have gone the day after school was out and we have loved the timing of it! the kids look forward to it during the months leading up to it!  Now I know, that may not be feasible for everyone or that we may not be able to do this every year...but it doesn't have to be anything big like a family trip, to have the same effect. Just plan something each day, especially for that first week.  A trip to a local sprinkler park one day, the library another , sonic happy hour drinks, neighborhood pool, side walk chalk art contest... so many things to do!! There are tons of ideas on blogland to help make summer fun...
* I love the family bucket list suggestion*
I made these jars last year (idea from here)
and my kids are already asking about them again for this summer. Good thing I remember where I put them away-phew!!!
here's another link to some tips for summer fun, including last day of school ideas, road trip games and graduation ideas... http://www.tipjunkie.com/end-of-school-year/

My friend Kristen Duke came up with this printable summer fun chart 

Speaking of summer fun, I have a 7yr old girl that's got big plans this summer...
(I came home from running an errand yesterday and found Sav in the driveway... She made hand squeezed lemonade, a sign and set up shop on the sidewalk) at $1 a cup she made $8 in about an hour! She is in full-on summer mode!) 

So what ever you decide to do this summer, just remember to HAVE FUN and soak up every moment you get to spend with your kiddos!! Now let's go make some memories!! 

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  1. I love all these ideas! Sometimes it's nice for the moms to have a schedule too! At least I know it is for me. I feel like a better mom when I can do at least one fun thing.