Living life

The other day I was feeling bad about getting so behind on blogging. I felt overwhelmed at all the things that I needed to post and mad at myself for letting so much time pass without posting. Then I read my talented friend Janine's blog post about the "things that matter most". It came at the perfect time for me. I realized that I didn't need to feel bad for falling behind on my posts because what is most important to me is that I spend time with my children. Not just time, but what I call "real" time. Time without a cell phone, ipad, or computer screen in sight. Quality time taking in those sweet smiles and silly faces, really listening to the smart and hilarious things that come out of my almost 3 year old's mouth, and hanging on to every coo and chubby cheeked smile from my 2 month old. In other words "living life" as Janine so perfectly puts it. With the tragic events in Colorado this past weekend, I only feel more strongly about this subject of making sure we are spending quality time with our loved ones. While I love blogging and keeping a record of my life, I don't feel so bad that I can only blog in the evening resulting in me posting 5 posts all at once. I'm not saying you shouldn't blog daily, because if you are able to do that I think that makes the record much more complete. I'm simply trying to say that I am learning to balance my life and this is what it means for me.

Read her whole post here because its just something that we can never be reminded of too much.

This is just one of those beautiful everyday moments, and I just don't want to miss these kinds of things.

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  1. it's so hard to balance everything out sometimes. i have really good days sometimes, but most of the time i feel guilty about how my time is spent. thanks for the reminder. : )