MADE: baby blanket

I decided to make a baby blanket for the sweet girl I visit teach.  She had her baby girl on Monday.  I started the blanket that day and finished this morning, four days later.  

 I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.  It's so so pretty.  I'm having a hard time giving it up.  Kind of want to make another one.  

I took a picture of it on the daybed to give you an idea of how beautifully it drapes.  I can just see a tiny baby girl wrapped up in it, in her mother's arms.  

The yarn I chose is Bernat Baby Coordinates but I feel so bad, I don't even know what the colors were called.  The main color is white, with a shiny strand of the same color mixed in.  And the pink yarn also has that shiny strand mixed in, but it's not solid pink.  It's a mixture of pink, yellow, and white.  I thought about making the whole blanket in the white yarn, but I'm so happy I did the border in pink.  I think it's so beautiful.

 This pattern was a bit more advanced.  It's definitely a time commitment.  I wish I would have logged my hours.  I will, if I make another.  But I worked on it a lot in those four days.  I'd take the kids out to play and just sit and crochet while I talked to friends.  I'm sure the hours are 'up there'.

The pattern I used is Caron's Mayflower Baby Blanket.  

One of these days I'll get to making some things to sell.  Why is it so hard to find the time?


  1. It IS gorgeous! It looks too advanced for me. I wish we lived closer so I could have you show me how to do some of those more advanced stitches. That is a really sweet gift!!

  2. This blanket is beautiful! It looks soft, lacy, and girly ~ absolutly beatiful for a baby girl!