Please excuse my absence on this blog. I had my 2nd baby and have just been loving
this time to get to know this new little girl and figure out how this whole family of four thing works.
Here is my sweet little Scarlett

While I was in Dental Hygiene school, my husband gave me a book. This book was titled "She" and it saved me. That sounds dramatic, but during that time of becoming a new mom and being in a rigorous school program I definitely had some ups and downs.
This book reminded me that I was special and it gave me strength 
to try harder, 
to be better, 
to keep going.
It reminded me that someone loved me.
It reminded me that I love being a woman.
It reminded me that I love being me!

I had forgotten about the book, but recently came across it again.
It was so refreshing to read, and the colors just seemed to brighten my day.
It would definitely make a great gift for a friend, but make sure you get one for yourself too!
Find it here!

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  1. aww. that's cute. i want one. you have a thoughtful little hub on your hands. : )