Sweet nursery

I have all things baby in the brain, so today I just wanted to share this sweet and oh so beautiful nursery with you done by Cate. I went to Dental Hygiene school with Cate's twin sister Candi who is the kindest person I've ever met, and though I've never met Cate in person I'm guessing she is just as sweet.  Actually I know she is because when I had my first baby while in DH school, Candi gave me a sweet baby bracelet made by her sister Cate! It was such a kind thing to do for someone you've never met. I wonder if she even remembers that?
Anyway, I love the meadow theme, the color on the walls, the hand painted mural, and the purpose behind each piece. This sweet room has got me inspired to get busy on creating a pretty little space for my girls.
Beautifully done Cate! Go here to see the whole room!

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