Pillowcase dress

I used some of my Wal-Mart fabric to make a pillowcase dress for baby P. It was pretty easy, despite my boys breaking my seam ripper. . . . for the SECOND TIME.


I guess I'm on a doily kick. I sewed one on because I thought it was a good complement to the fabric's vintage quality.

Pillowcase dresses appeal to me for many reasons.

1) they're extremely easy to make (imagine how much easier they'd be if you actually use a pillowcase!),

2) they're extremely cute,

3) they're extremely versatile. Right now it's cold out, so I put a long sleeve shirt under it. In the Spring she can wear it without anything under, as a light summer dress. And, as she gets bigger, she can wear it as a shirt, with skinny jeans or shorts.

and 4) you can be creative. I love a good reason to use my creativity. Use bias tape OR ribbon for the ties, you could add lace or ric rac to trim the bottom, you can add buttons, ribbon, doilies, or fabric flowers to the dress, you can use a print OR a solid color. Endless possibilities.

I used a couple different tutorials, from Freshly Picked and The Needle and the Damage Done.

If you want to try this, here's a tip for when you attach the elastic:

1) measure your baby's collarbone
2) mark the elastic (don't cut it yet)
3) feed it through the hole with a safety pin
4) sew next to your safety pin, to attach the elastic
5) pull the safety pin to make sure the elastic is now sewn to the fabric
6) if it IS, take the safety pin off (still don't cut your elastic yet)
7) now pull the fabric to the side until you see where you marked the elastic.
8) sew at the mark
9) once again, pull the elastic to make sure it's attached
10) NOW, cut your elastic

This was the only place that gave me trouble. I didn't catch the elastic and it was pretty difficult. . . .you know, not having a seam ripper and all.


  1. love this! too bad it isn't "pc" to dress a boy in a dress, haha.

  2. Oh my dear goodness Carrie!!!! You are one talented Momma and that little lady is gorgeous!

  3. Fun! Meg makes these dresses and I've been wanting to try them out. Good job!