Hooks and Books

I'm baaaack!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was pretty low-key. No traveling or any big plans. We did get a lot of quality family time, though. Just the way I like it.

I'm too late to join the yarn along on Small Things, but I'm still doing my crocheting/reading post. I'm working on a heart garland for Valentine's Day. I say this every year, but Valentine's Day is my second favorite holiday (next to Christmas, of course). I don't know what it is. I just LOVE it! So I'm already thinking about decorations and sweet valentines for my Hubba. Can't wait!

I also started reading Wuthering Heights again. The first time I tried reading this book, I was in high school and I don't think I got past the first chapter. I hated reading in high school. A couple of years ago (when I finally decided I'm a grown up and need to give reading a second chance) my friend (who aspires to be a librarian) gave me Wuthering Heights for Christmas. I didn't have great memories associated with the book but I was going to try. I ended up PORING over it's pages. I remember wanting my husband to read it too, so he could join me in being swept away by a romantic [and also very dark] story. We finished reading the last Harry Potter together about a week ago, so I figured it was time for a new book. I started reading Wuthering Heights to him and two chapters in, I could see he just wasn't feeling it. It's a lot different than Harry Potter, that's for sure. Soooooooo, I guess I'll be reading this one alone, but I couldn't be more excited to get into the story again. I hope my husband will try reading it one day too. I think he'd be surprised.


  1. My mom gave me a heart garland similar to that last year for v-day. I love love love it! I just read The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Easy, fun read. I bet your hubby would like it, if your looking for another book to read together. And then the movie just came out too-haven't seen it though.

  2. OOh! thank you so much for the suggestion, mindy! i'll have to look into that. i really like having something for us to read together.