Dirty hair is better than clean hair

Okay, maybe that's not exactly true, but I haven't washed my hair (with shampoo) for a week, and it sure does SEEM better than before.

I've had a few ups and downs with how I feel about the no 'poo challenge, but today has been an UP.
In my last post I voiced a concern about what I was going to do with my hair for church.

I also mentioned the No-Heat Curl tutorial, on The Paper Mama. Like I said, I've tried the no-heat curl before, but not since starting my no 'poo adventure. After posting that last night, I decided I might as well try it again for church. I figured curling my hair would be the perfect way to cover up the greasiness, since I can't wear a hat or anything. And it would give it a little extra body, instead of sticking to my head.


I LOVE LOVE LOVED the result and I was so surprised. I expected to wake up on Sunday morning and have a really hard time getting ready, but it ended up being a breeze.

I was in a rush to get out the door this morning (as ALWAYS, on Sundays), so I quickly snapped a shot of myself in the boys' dirty dirty bathroom mirror, but you get the idea.

Now, to understand why I'm so excited about this, you need to know the nature of my hair. USUALLY, when I curl my hair, it falls 15 minutes later. No joke. As a matter of fact, the only other time I've used this no-heat method to curl my hair, that's exactly what happened. And I spray a whole lot of hairspray on it, too. I've tried curling clean hair, dirty hair, using gel, hairspray, surf spray, curling irons, hot rollers, velcro rollers, sponge rollers, leaving it over night, etc. NOTHING EVER WORKS.

SO, you can imagine my surprise when I decided to use a NO HEAT method of curling my hair, without using ANY product, and it actually WORKED! AND it was still just as curly after 3 hours of church and still hasn't fallen.

I did not put one product in my hair!! Like I said in the video yesterday, the natural oils in my hair ACT as product, without having to use any.

Last night, I took it out of the bun I had it in, brushed through it, gave it a side part, put a stretchy headband on and twisted the hair around the headband like she does in her video. Then I went to sleep. I woke up, took out the headband, and brushed through my hair. I pinned the top back (because the crown is too greasy to wear down, I think), and that's all it needed! It took all of five minutes to complete!

after church:

Just the same as before church.

I have a BIG smile on my face right now. I feel like I've made a wonderful discovery. I like fixing my hair and trying new hairstyles, but it's usually a lot more time consuming than this. Not to mention the little fact that I didn't have to damage my hair in any way to get results. No heat, no chemicals. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I'm quickly becoming a huge no 'poo advocate!!


  1. I'm just about ready to try this. lol. Good job, Carrie!

  2. Thanks, Jacqueline! If you do it, let us know how it's going!! I'm on DAY 9 and still feeling greasy, but my hair is WAY more manageable than it used to be.